Strategic Partnership: GDAO x Trinity

Today the Trinity team is excited to announce our latest strategic partnership — Governor DAO.

This partnership will seek to capitalize on synergies between the projects in order to cross-promote our products and services between our respective ecosystem partners.

By working collaboratively, both projects will further our shared ambition of solving real-world issues facing DeFi projects operating in a landscape which is still very much in its nascent stages.

What is GDAO?

Governor DAO seeks to be the first-mover in what is termed ‘Governance-as-a-Service’ (or ‘GaaS’).

In short — projects in the crypto space tend to find themselves falling into one of two enigmas: (i) building out governance simply for the sake of building out governance, and (ii) sequentially backtracking to implement and deploy governance after the creation of the underlying product or service.

Governor DAO is designed from inception with three primary objectives in mind to:

  1. Incentivize and maximize engagement of all active participants within the Governor ecosystem and attributed projects, partnerships, and networks (such as Trinity);
  2. Provide Governance-as-a-Service and every exhaustible extenuating applicable variant to positively benefit and benevolently service the seamless integration of GaaS into the universally underperforming, ever-expanding DAO space; and
  3. Strategically pursue and decisively execute consequential revenue generation throughout every critical stage of project development and reward all attributing benefactors proportionately to contribution.

By taking the above perspectives into account, Governor is positioned to build a culture of engagement and participation on day one. This in turn enables more effective governance which can be ported as a template to other DAOs.

A Liquidity and Governance Dual-Offering

The premise of our strategic partnership is simple:

  • Any projects leveraging GDAO’s governance solutions will be offered use of Trinity’s liquidity solutions (whitelisted partner pool and later our Genesis platform that’s currently in development).
  • Similarly, Trinity will refer to GDAO any partners seeking to build out a decentralized framework of governance.

In short, GDAO and Trinity will work together to provide comprehensive solutions to both Governance and Liquidity in a manner that any DeFi token (old or new) can use to scale their project with immediate effect.

Trinity will also be working with GDAO in the implementation of our own decentralized governance model in the coming months.

We look forward to working with Jeff and the rest of the Governor team going forward.


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