Announcing: Trinity x Contribute Partnership Details

We’re excited to announce our first partnership with Contribute (TRIB), an autonomous interest-generating DeFi protocol that uses the mUSD stablecoin to generate interest which is claimable by TRIB holders.

Contribute will be the first official whitelisted partner for the Trinity protocol and benefit for our Proof of Liquidity mechanism.

What Is Contribute (TRIB)?

Contribute offered investors one of the fairest launches seen in DeFi — a week long opportunity to join the TGE and get the same initial price as everyone else — and quickly raised over 13 million dollars through its contract.

TRIB tokens are backed by the mStable protocol which uses the mUSD stablecoin to generate interest. That means every TRIB in existence is backed by real value and can be redeemed for that value at any given time through the contract. As long as Ethereum and mStable’s contracts are operational, Contribute will continue to garner interest.

It can be a little difficult to understand at first, but it’s a brilliant concept that guarantees profitability in the long term. Interest will be forever accrued through the already locked capital, which will continue to increase as long as there is trading volume through the contract.

The Benefits of a TRI-TRIB Pool

TRIB holders now have an additional pool to trade in, with small bits of liquidity being added constantly via Trinity’s Proof-of-Liquidity protocol. This new pool creates more arbitrage opportunities between the ETH-TRIB pool, TRI-TRIB pool and the TRIB token contract.

Higher trading volume in the TRIB token contract helps burn TRIB faster, which increases TRIB’s evergrowing price floor (currently sitting at $0.967).

In addition, TRI holders will passively earn more yield from additional trading volume generated by the TRI-TRIB pool.

And finally, TRIB and TRI holders can add to the liquidity pool to receive extra rewards sent from the Trinity Liquidity Treasury (on top of the standard 0.3% Uniswap fees).

TRI-TRIB Pool Launch Details

The TRI-TRIB pool will launch on Thursday, December 17, at around 10 PM UTC. The initial liquidity will be locked for a year and the pool will be whitelisted in the TRI contract for liquidity generation shortly afterwards.

With TRI-TRIB set as the whitelisted pool, a small part of all TRI transactions will be added towards the liquidity for this pair. In addition, interest generated by the treasury wallet will also be sent automatically to the TRI-TRIB Uniswap LP contract and distributed to token holders.

This means if you add liquidity to the TRI-TRIB pool, you’ll be able to earn:

  1. TRI from the liquidity rewards wallet
  2. TRI from passive staking
  3. 0.3% trading fees from Uniswap

Moreover, by having an additional liquidity connection to TRIB, more arbitrage opportunities will present themselves for traders to capture value with.

TRIB could have different spot prices at any given time against ETH, mUSD (contract) and TRI which will ensure increased trading volume.

We will post another announcement in our Telegram channel once the pool is officially live. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to visit the Contribute community to learn more about their project in preparation for the pool launch.

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