Announcing: Trinity & Value DeFi Partnership Details

We are thrilled to officially announce our partnership with Value DeFi (VALUE), a decentralised finance protocol that seeks to bring fairness, true value, and innovation to DeFi.

Value will become our second official whitelisted token pairing and will become a strategic partner to the Trinity protocol going forward.

What Is Value DeFi (VALUE)?

  • Accessibility: Bring farming to everyone
  • Governance: Provide next generation, on-chain voting
  • Profitability: Reward long-term VALUE stakeholders
  • Insurance: Protect community funds and provide peace of mind

1. Accessibility

2. Governance

3. Profitability

Alongside vaults, Value DeFi provides an optimized aggregator that ensures the best possible price/liquidity for trading VALUE. All profit from the aggregator is distributed to VALUE Holders.

4. Insurance

The Benefits of a TRI-VALUE Pool

  1. TRI holders now have direct exposure to Value Liquid, a decentralised exchange which boasts impressive liquidity reserves and is the home of the predominant trading pair for many notable DeFi projects including the likes of Sentivate.
  2. Future TRI partners will have the option of utilising Value’s FaaS (Farming as a Service), platform. This will provide an additional avenue for partners to incentivise the community to participate in liquidity provision, on top of all the usual benefits of joining the Trinity Protocol.
  3. As with all other partner pools, VALUE holders now have an additional pool to trade in, with liquidity constantly being added via Trinity’s Proof-of-Liquidity protocol. This new pool creates more arbitrage opportunities between ETH-VALUE, TRI-VALUE and the other trading pairs on the Value Liquid platform.

And finally, VALUE and TRI holders can add to the liquidity pool to receive extra rewards sent from the Trinity Liquidity Treasury (on top of the standard 0.3% Uniswap fees).

TRI-VALUE Pool Launch Details

This pool will launch on Uniswap, but will be migrated to the Value Liquid platform after the platform has completed certain core compatibility upgrades which are currently underway. Further details on the migration process will be released in the coming days.

The Trinity and Value teams will provide a combined [15 ETH] of initial liquidity to launch the pair. The initial liquidity will be locked for a month and the pool will be whitelisted in the TRI contract for liquidity generation shortly afterwards. The shorter liquidity lock is to allow the migration to Value Liquid’s platform once the technical updates have taken place.

With TRI-VALUE set as the whitelisted pool, a small part of all TRI transactions will be added towards the liquidity for this pair. In addition, interest generated by the treasury wallet will also be sent automatically to the TRI-VALUE Uniswap LP contract and distributed to token holders.

This means if you add liquidity to the TRI-VALUE pool, you’ll be able to earn:

  1. TRI from the liquidity treasury;
  2. TRI from passive staking; and
  3. Uniswap trading fees.

Moreover, by having an additional liquidity connection to VALUE, more arbitrage opportunities will present themselves for traders to capture value with.

Up Next — TRI Liquidity Mining on Value

We will post another announcement in our Telegram channel once the pool is officially live. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to visit the Value DeFi community to learn more about their project in preparation for the pool launch.


Value DeFi Website: