Announcing: The Trinity Partnership Bounty Program + Airdrops For Trinity Tower Holders

Now that we have validated Trinity’s partnership model and have set up the foundational infrastructure, we’re going to enter into phase 2 of our growth strategy, which is rapidly creating new partner pools.

For this, we need to enlist the help of our community to find solid DeFi projects that could benefit from a shared pool with Trinity. This network effect will help our project grow at an exponential rate.

Introducing the Trinity Partnership Bounty Program

Here’s how it works:

  1. Suggest a TRI partner pool to the team of another DeFi project (preferably one that you are directly involved in and can vouch for). You can use the template below when you pitch to them.
  2. If they are interested, then set up a Telegram group chat with their team and ours (@Navi0x, @EpiphanyQ, @ShualGalacti)
  3. Our team will take over from there and, if a partnership is confirmed, you’ll be rewarded with 5% of the initial TRI/Partner pool when it is formed
  4. You may refer to as many potential partners as you like.

Here is a quick guide on how TRI can help its partners grow their project and liquidity viaa joint TRI/TOKEN pool. We recommend that you mention these benefits when pitching to them:

Benefits to Partners

As a partner, you’ll get to keep 95% of the LP tokens. 5% will go to the community member who referred you. You’ll get to decide on the duration of the liquidity mining program and the reward amount. A portion of the rewards will be airdropped to Trinity Tower holders (see below).

  1. Increased Liquidity For Your Token

Once you’ve been whitelisted as an official partner, Trinity’s liquidity generation mechanism will be rerouted to the TRI-TOKEN pool. This will help the pool attract more liquidity providers as LPs start automatically receiving $TRI tokens as rewards for joining the pool. This is on top of the passive yields that Trinity Protocol passively generates.

Also, the protocol will create positive buy pressure for your token since it uses TRI to buy your token and add liquidity automatically.

2. Increased Exposure For Your Project

In addition to the liquidity benefits, your project will receive exposure from Trinity, which has a passionate and growing community of over 1500+ holders that are ready to support partners.

You’ll be invited to our Telegram group of active traders and investors to conduct an AMA of your project. This is beneficial because most AMA groups will charge projects between 3–8 ETH for an AMA in their group, which is an incredibly inefficient use of capital (particularly to a start-up project), given that most groups offer poor RoI and are predominantly comprised of ‘quick flippers’ seeking airdrops and giveaways. Trust us — we know from experience!

A far better solution is to use that same ETH to purchase $TRI and create a joint pool. You’ll get to keep your LP tokens and build initial liquidity for your project, all whilst gaining exposure to our community of long-term traders and investors.

3. Social Media Promotions

We will promote your project through our social media platforms, including our ongoing influencer campaign with Quotidian Marketing.

4. Invite To Private Group With Other Project Owners

Finally, you’ll be added to our private Trinity Partners chat, where you’ll be able to network and collaborate with other project owners who are part of our network.

This group has team members from notable projects including Contribute, ROOT, Value, GDAO and more.

Introducing: Trinity Towers — Token Airdrops Holders of at least 100k TRI

Once our Launchpad Genesis program goes live, those who hold at least 100,000 TRI will be able to stake their TRI tokens for a Trinity Tower.

Tower holders will receive exclusive airdrops from launchpad partners in proportion to the amount of TRI you have in your Tower.

Only a maximum of 19 Towers will be available in order to prevent the rewards from being diluted.

The goal of the bounty program is to produce a constant stream of new and interesting DeFi projects using our Genesis farming platform, and reward the top TRI holders with additional tokens.

We will release more details about Towers as we get closer to the official Genesis launch.





Inner Tribe Telegram Group (for hodlers of 25,000 $TRI or more):