Today the Trinity team is excited to announce our latest strategic partnership — Governor DAO.

This partnership will seek to capitalize on synergies between the projects in order to cross-promote our products and services between our respective ecosystem partners.

By working collaboratively, both projects will further our shared ambition of…

Genesis Is Decentralized Yield-Farming Launchpad That Facilitates Safe and Effective Liquidity Mining

The Trinity team is excited to announce our new Genesis Launchpad that will allow anyone to easily create liquidity mining incentives without costly development or contract security risks.

The Genesis Launchpad is another arm of the Trinity ecosystem…

Trinity combines three powerful token mechanisms for liquidity, yield and volume generation into a single token that acts as a liquidity connector for various DeFi projects.

This post will go over what each of these mechanisms does and how they fit into the greater Trinity ecosystem, as well as how…


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