During our initial launch on BSC, we set aside 10% of the total bTRI supply as rewards for liquidity mining incentives.

Now, we are finally ready to kickstart the reward distribution with the launch of the Trinity farm. …

“Fix Gas Fees!”

It is no secret that Ethereum has been rampant in the last month, surging towards new all time highs and processing ever-increasing volumes of transactions.

This is both a blessing and a curse for Trinity.

On the one hand, the rapid expansion of Ethereum is a predictable and necessary prerequisite…

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership collaboration with Prophet.finance to launch an automated and decentralized verifiable-random lottery game for TRI holders.

The purpose of the lottery game is to create on-going buy pressure and volume for Trinity while keeping the community active and engaged.

What is PROPHET?

In a nutshell, Prophet

Now that we have validated Trinity’s partnership model and have set up the foundational infrastructure, we’re going to enter into phase 2 of our growth strategy, which is rapidly creating new partner pools.

For this, we need to enlist the help of our community to find solid DeFi projects that…

Today the Trinity team is excited to announce our latest strategic partnership — Governor DAO.

This partnership will seek to capitalize on synergies between the projects in order to cross-promote our products and services between our respective ecosystem partners.

By working collaboratively, both projects will further our shared ambition of…

Genesis Is Decentralized Yield-Farming Launchpad That Facilitates Safe and Effective Liquidity Mining

The Trinity team is excited to announce our new Genesis Launchpad that will allow anyone to easily create liquidity mining incentives without costly development or contract security risks.

The Genesis Launchpad is another arm of the Trinity ecosystem…

Trinity has been live now for almost a week and our team has been working hard behind the scenes on our vision of creating a fully decentralized liquidity web that creates value for liquidity providers and holders.

Here’s a recap of everything we accomplished this past week, as well as…

We are thrilled to officially announce our partnership with Value DeFi (VALUE), a decentralised finance protocol that seeks to bring fairness, true value, and innovation to DeFi.

Value will become our second official whitelisted token pairing and will become a strategic partner to the Trinity protocol going forward.

What Is Value DeFi (VALUE)?

VALUE’s mission…

We’re excited to announce our first partnership with Contribute (TRIB), an autonomous interest-generating DeFi protocol that uses the mUSD stablecoin to generate interest which is claimable by TRIB holders.

Contribute will be the first official whitelisted partner for the Trinity protocol and benefit for our Proof of Liquidity mechanism.

What Is Contribute (TRIB)?


Trinity combines three powerful token mechanisms for liquidity, yield and volume generation into a single token that acts as a liquidity connector for various DeFi projects.

This post will go over what each of these mechanisms does and how they fit into the greater Trinity ecosystem, as well as how…


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